High-tech drilling center from Nanxing

NCB612DT integrates drilling, grooving, simple routing, and Lamello processing provides an ideal solution for invisible hardware or Lamello users.

Salient features

•        4-slot line tool-changer in ISO30 connector cooperates with tool-setting gauge for fast tool changing.

•        Max rotating speed of top 5.5-kW spindle up to 18,000 rpm.

•        Optimised drill layout to finish the drilling faster. Min. distance for ver. symmetrical drilling simultaneously is 160 mm.

•        Syntech control and operation system, more reliable electric components, industry level computer. High performance and stability during long service lift;

•        Multiple formats accept MPR, DXF, BAN, BPP, PDX, XML, XXL

•        Top drilling blocks Ver. 18 plus Hor.

X & Y 6+4, 1 bottom drilling block with ver. 9. Total drills are 37. Top and bottom have 3.5-kW spindle router. One crosshead spindle withe horizontal processing.

•        Nanxing high quality self-processed parts by laser cutting, robots welding, sandblasting, advanced 5-axes CNC processing.




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