Wood-Mizer devises 2-in-1 blade maintenance device

By joining two blade maintenance operations in one machine, Wood-Mizer has come forward with a smart solution for saw millers who want to take care of their saw blades by themselves.

The BMST50 is a combo device that sharpens and sets efficiently and inexpensively. In addition, it is a space-saver in a workshop as it requires only a table or bench to work on.

The BMST50 blade sharpener and setter, or Sharp’n’Set device, is a two-in-one machine designed for performing blade maintenance operations. It is a perfect solution for low-volume saw millers as it allows them to maintain their blades independently and inexpensively.

The user works the machine with two levers: one for moving the sawmill blade forward and the other for grinding or setting the teeth. Switching the device configuration between sharpening and setting is quick and simple.

The BMST50 is compatible with most 32-mm-wide sawmill blade profiles that Wood-Mizer offers. It is fitted with blade support brackets which secure the blade during sharpening.

The operator can also adjust the pressure applied onto the blade as well as the distance of the wheel from the blade. There are easy-adjustable knobs to index the teeth for fine-tuning sharpening, an adjustable positioning knob for various blade widths, and adjustable set points for easier tooth-setting.

The Sharp’n’Set device requires a stable and flat surface for installation: a table, stand, or worktop. It can be placed in almost every workshop corner with compact dimensions of 50x50 cm. A 12-V DC electric motor is used to power the combo machine.

The best choice for grinding is a CBN wheel which has been developed for quick and efficient sharpening of sawmill blades. CBN wheels use a super abrasive material for grinding, which prevents the blades from dulling too quickly and prevents overheating.

The BMST50 uses a 127-mm-wide CBN wheel that requires grinding oil. To make the sawmill blade sharpening as effective as possible, CBN grinding wheels are available in several default profiles that require the user to carefully match the CBN profile with the shape of the sawmill blade teeth.

With every next sharpening, the tooth setting is decreased and requires readjustment. When setting the teeth, following the “left-right-straight” pattern is essential to ensure that the left and right teeth are used for opening the material and the straight one for removing sawdust from timber.

It is common practice to apply narrow tooth sets for hardwoods and a wider tooth set for softwoods. The BMST50 has a 1-year warranty and full technical support.



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