Designer ‘Stealth’ cabinets from Utturkars

At Pune-based Utturkar’s Wood Culture the process for innovation has the customer and market as an integral part of development. With over 25 years of experience in the Indian market and the deep connects with luxury Indian brands, the constant dialogue brings about the need to evolve and fulfill consumer demand.

‘Stealth’ is one such development. It is designed by architect Ashwin Utturkar and all the technical features of Stealth were designed and developed within the company.

The machinery required for producing this challenging product was procured from Germany and the realisation of this project took around 18 months.

Stealth is characterised by the particular structure in aluminium, with exclusive design details, by the mechanisms of movement and by shelves equipped with integrated LED lighting system.

The innovation introduced by the closing system, the absence of visible screws, joints and plastic gaskets are the results of an exclusive technical research. Stealth stands out with its four side glass wall with the ability to be wall hung and allow the cabinet interior to stand out as if it were floating.

Stealth comes with shelves in standard heights, widths and depths but can also be customised to user requirements. For more information call +91-9595060500.



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