Prolance: future of interior design

Prolance has a design-to-manufacturing automation platform helping designers, architects and manufacturers in simplifying the workflow for interior projects. Built by industry veterans who have executed more than 5,000 projects, it has been developed in India to address the challenges faced by the interiors industry.

Built as a plugin to SketchUp, it is extremely easy to learn and offers an enormous amount of flexibility. It has helped save 40% in execution time and 20% in cost.

When a designer creates anything using this platform, he/she can seamlessly convert the drawings into renders, quotes, bill of material, cut lists and 2D files automatically. Designers can use pre-designed spaces to create professional proposals for their clients within minutes.

Apart from the regular modular units, designers can use the platform to even design kitchens, customised wardrobes and other units. Designers are not restricted by the pre-fed library: they can add their materials, finishes and prices as well.

The company has recently launched cloud rendering to help designers to get their drawings rendered without having to buy expensive rendering software or hardware.

For the factories, the platform helps in the conversion of drawing files into manufacturing-ready files automatically. This removes the huge effort required in interpreting the designer’s drawings and recreating machine-ready files for the manufacturers.

The Prolance platform is compatible with leading machine manufacturers such as Homag, Biesse, SCM and Felder. Their factory management system enables better monitoring of the workflow of the factory and enables owners and managers to get a complete view of the activities through reports and dashboards.

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