Merino shines light on Merinova range

Merino, India’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure decorative laminates made an impact at DelhiWood, with its range of products including

Luvih, restroom cubicles, lockers, vanity, Hanex, Merinolam, Merino Shaurya and Armour.

DelhiWood served as a platform for Merino to connect with the architect and designer communities, and to showcase the star product of the event Merinova, the versatile range of pre-laminated and post-laminated panels crafted to suit a diverse array of applications.

The surfaces are dimensionally stable, moisture- and scratch-resistant, making them durable and reliable. The premium and contemporary designs from the house of Merino is going to boost the Indian interiors and design market.

Madhusudan Lohia, Director at Merino Industries said, “Merino will continue to work relentlessly to offer value to the market by adding new and innovative products and designs helping the industry to grow further.”

The stall, spread across 195 square metres, gave visitors an opportunity to touch, feel and experience the products on display, thus generating interest and cultivating a potential consumer base while enhancing the credibility of the brand.



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