Biesse launches upgraded nesting solution

Biesse unveiled its upgraded nesting solution, Rover AS FT’, at DelhiWood. The machine features improved efficiency, speed and accuracy. The product features a gantry structure with dual X-axis motors that aim to enhance precision and reliability in machining operations.

The reinforced transmission guides add greater rigidity, improving machining quality and precision. It also boasts higher axis motor power, which increases acceleration and speed, thereby reducing cycle times and waiting times.

Overall, this product promises to deliver high standards of precision and reliability in executing machining operations. Live demos of Biesse’s cutting-edge machinery, including CNC routers, edge banders, CAD/CAM software and IoT solutions were also carried out.

The brand also showcased its latest range of advanced technologies and solutions for the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry. Biesse has undergone modernisation aimed at enhancing efficiency through restructuring and adopting a transversal approach.

This includes adopting a new visual identity (logo) to align the group’s positioning to convey new values and retain distinctive sector features.



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