CNC turning lathe from Bacci

Bacci’s T4MO is an innovative CNC turning lathe with four vertical spindles for machining a variety of solid wood elements, including chairs, sofa and table elements, gunstock elements, clothes hangers, knives and hammers handles, musical instruments, sports instruments, etc.

The machine reaches a high output rate, with four parts machined each working cycle (one piece for each rotating spindle) with high accelerating cutterheads designed to tremendously boost turning productivity.

It can execute perfect milling of not only rounded items but also of flat surfaces and sharp edges, and has a reduced footprint (10’x6’ with safety enclosure), being developed in vertical direction.

T4MO CNC was recently awarded the prestigious IWF Challengers Award at the Atlanta Fair (August 2022). At the next Ligna fair at Hannover (15th - 19th May) an advanced model will be presented.



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