Naadi streamlines panel processing operations

The modular and panel processing industry faces specific challenges related to the complexity of panel production and the risk of missing panels. A manufacturing execution system (MES) plays a pivotal role in mitigating these challenges.

Some of these challenges would include:

•        identification of panels,

•        lack of visibility in production process,

•        absence of quality control in panel processing,

•        access to real-time data from machines,

•        inadequate feedback from machine operator,

•        materials wastage and increased costs.

An MES offers comprehensive solutions for real-time tracking, data analytics, and quality control. Naadi helps transition away from manual or paper-based systems to digital platforms to record and analyse production data.

It aims to democratise MES, which was accessible only to large factories because of its high pricing, complexity and long implementation cycle. Bengaluru-based Naadi makes it accessible to the smallest of factories with quick and easy implementation.

Naadi is a software-as-a-service product hosted on the cloud. It offers unparalleled accessibility: users can access it from any location with just an Internet connection, thus providing unparalleled collaboration.

It is also cost-efficient, scalable and offers enhanced security measures and adds value by means of automated updates and maintenance alerts.

Naadi allows users to subscribe to digital products that are easy to implement, integrate and use. The user-friendly interface brings convenience to the users in the shop floor and allows for seamless connection and interaction between various machines.

Design tools and enterprise resource planning makes connectivity and inter-operability possible through a unified platform. The digitally assisted packing ensures that the last mile of fulfilment happens without defects.

The summary reports and labelling of boxes allows the stakeholder to know what is packed inside the boxes. Customised packing group logic can be applied, where designated units can be packed without being mixed with another to achieve better segregation at the installation site.

The user can track machine uptime, downtime, production rates and gather insights to make informed decisions, drive improvements, and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic manufacturing landscape.

Live order tracking provides instantaneous visibility into the production process. Manufacturers and relevant stakeholders can monitor the status of each order, from initiation to completion, in real time. This helps in proactive issue resolution, improved communication and transparency.

Digital job cards replace physical paper documents with electronic versions. This includes information on job specifications and work instructions. With user-friendly digital job cards, updates to job progress, workflow, or additional instructions can be made in real time, hence promoting transparency and collaboration.

Tool integrations create a connected and collaborative manufacturing ecosystem. Design tool integrations, such as Imos, Pytha, Pallete-CAD, Infurnia and other ERP integrations synchronise data between production operations, design and business management.

This integration ensures that manufacturing data seamlessly flows into broader business processes. Operators and planners can easily access information about available offcuts, manage them and use them effectively to reduce material wastage and cost.

Product range

•        Naadi Box and Ship: box items and ship items, error-free.

•        Naadi Track and Trace Lite: track all operations in the production lifecycle: pressing, cutting, edging, drilling and quality control.

•        Naadi Cut Smart: optimisation and guided cutting, on the cloud.

•        Naadi Cache: manage offcuts and utilize them effectively.



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