Kleiberit’s ME adhesives have several applications

Kleiberit, a renowned developer and producer of cutting-edge adhesive systems, is dedicated to enhancing health protection, sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions across diverse applications: flat lamination, edge banding, profile wrapping and construction.

One of its ground-breaking innovations, hot-coating technology, has transformed high-end surface finishing. This technology, developed through extensive research and decades of experience in applying reactive PUR hot-melt adhesive systems, has been accepted globally.

Today, over 50 operational systems worldwide – spanning industries like furniture, flooring, façades – testify to the success of Kleiberit’s hot-coating technology. Notably, Kleiberit’s adhesives with bio-content facilitate sustainable bonding processes, yielding eco-friendly products.

Among Kleiberit’s adhesives with bio-content are: Kleiberit 702.8.88 (high-strength wrapping adhesive), Kleiberit 704.8.80 (offering wide adhesion for various materials), Kleiberit 743.7.80 (ensuring high surface quality for wrapping applications), and Kleiberit 380.3.00, ideal for bonding wood-based materials in D3 quality.

Kleiberit’s micro-emission (ME) PUR hot-melt adhesives, containing less than 0.1% monomeric di-isocyanate, are recognised for their safety. These ME adhesives cater to diverse applications, including surface lamination, wrapping and edge banding, with formulations tailored to specific needs.

ME adhesives for surface lamination include Kleiberit 706.1.50 (high gloss bonding), Kleiberit 706.4.50  (ideal for HPL bonding).

ME adhesives for wrapping applications include Kleiberit 702.5.50 (for laminating films, veneers and laminates to various profiles), Kleiberit 704.3.50 (lamination of foils and PVC profiles), and Kleiberit 708.7.50 (for CPL and thick foils).

ME adhesives for edge banding include Kleiberit 707.9.50 for common edge band materials, featuring overnight use without cleaning; and Kleiberit 707.9.85, which incorporates ME technology with non-petroleum raw materials.

Kleiberit also offers a range of GEV-emicode seal-certified products for ecological and healthy building applications, meeting various standards such as Eco1.

Its expertise extends to the door manufacturing sector, providing adhesive solutions for door leaf linings, frames and assembly. From particle boards to exterior door linings, it offers a diverse range of adhesives tailored to different door manufacturing processes, ensuring durability and efficiency.

Whether for frame gluing or door leaf assembly, Kleiberit’s adhesive solutions deliver reliable performance, eliminating the need for traditional methods like drilling and screwing.



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