Hexagon’s e-learning helps you upskill

The demand for Grade-A office space has seen robust growth over the years, necessitating increasingly custom-designed offices that meet global standards. To address this demand, the furniture manufacturing industry is embracing technology at a rapid pace, transforming into a highly organised vertical.

To achieve aesthetics with quality, industry leaders like Hexagon are introducing interactive, tailor-made e-learning courses. Through platforms like Hexagon’s e-learning platform, woodworking professionals can learn industry-specific applications that enhance their day-to-day work.

The course offers a paced learning approach with engaging and interactive training videos, guiding professionals through industry-leading CAD-CAM solutions like Cabinet Vision and AlphaCAM.

Hexagon’s Cabinet Vision, coupled with diverse embedded multipliers, ensures consistent quality and design adherence to manufacturers’ standards, supporting sales and profitability.

xRendering, one of Hexagon’s multipliers, offers a competitive advantage by creating photorealistic renderings in minutes, aiding customers in visualizing designs. xBidding, another multiplier, simplifies quotation generation, ensuring competitiveness and profitability while accommodating design changes.

For woodworking beyond cabinet-making, including curvature design and solid wood furniture, Hexagon’s Designer offers a versatile set of CAD capabilities for smarter manufacturing. Effective manufacturing operations in woodworking require optimum material utilization and innovative designs.

Cabinet Vision’s xMachining, the third multiplier, is the most flexible, powerful, and automated CNC software in the market. It streamlines the transition from design to manufacturing by generating machine-ready G-code, analyzing part geometry, creating tool paths, and optimising machine workflows.



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