More Hafele solutions for living spaces

Hafele, a pioneer in innovative furniture and architectural hardware, continues to redefine modern living with its latest range of smart, ergonomic, and stylish solutions that seamlessly blend functionality, design, and convenience.

In the quest for a more adaptable and comfortable workspace, Hafele presents the Alti 120 and Alti 80 height-adjustable table fittings. Crafted with ergonomic precision, these fittings provide a  dynamic solution for individuals seeking flexibility in their work  environment.

The Alti 120, a wide, two-legged table system, caters to larger spaces, while the Alti 80, a sleek one-legged design, is perfect for bedside corner desks or more compact areas.

The beauty of these fittings lies in their ability to cater to different needs. Whether sitting or standing users can adjust the table height for optimal comfort, promoting better posture and reducing the risk of

back strain.

The tables can be operated using dedicated handsets or through the AiDesk mobile application, offering a seamless and customisable experience. The application not only controls the table height but also tracks sitting and standing times, along with calories burned during each session.

Hafele’s Slido range includes the Aluflex 80B and Aluflex 60T sliding systems, which set new standards in functionality and design. The Aluflex 80B serves as a dual-purpose solution: granting access to walk-in wardrobes and acting as a partition system in living areas or commercial spaces.

The patented aluminum profiled door sliding system offers a floor-to-ceiling sliding solution, providing both practicality and aesthetic appeal.

The Aluflex 60T stands out with its aluminum profiled door sliding system that allows for various panel design and material applications. This system provides designers and homeowners with the flexibility to experiment

with door panels made of wood or glass (clear or patterned), accommodating door weights of up to 60 kg.

The patented mechanism of Aluflex 60T eliminates the need for a bottom track, ensuring unobstructed floor space, while the integrated double-sided soft closing mechanism guarantees smooth and quiet operation.

Security takes a sophisticated turn with Hafele’s Kabi-Net digital locks. The Kabi-Block, Kabi-Orb, Kabi-Iris and Kabi-Slim models represent a leap forward in home security, offering practical and effective solutions.

The Kabi-Block digital lock provides secure biometric access and includes features like a three-color LED status indicator and an emergency key for added safety. The Kabi-Orb, with its unique design, serves the dual purpose of a pull knob and a  digital lock.

Secure biometric access, an emergency key, and a three-color LED status indicator make it a convenient and secure option. Available in finishes like matt black, gun metal, and rose gold, it adds a touch of elegance

to any space.

The Kabi-Iris, featuring an eye-shaped design, not only enhances the look of cabinets and drawers but also provides enhanced security with biometric fingerprint access. The three-color LED status indicator and a unique key for emergencies ensure a  seamless and secure experience.

The Kabi-Slim, with its flush-mounted design, offers a modern aesthetic for contemporary interiors. Operating in auto or manual locking modes, it communicates the lock status and provides an alarm if the batteries run low.



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