Burkle presents solutions for sur-face finishing

With robust product lines like ROBUSeco and ROBUSpro (in pic-ture), Burkle covers all requirements, from entry-level to high-end ap-plications.

The Indian market for finishing machinery has been growing steadily due to the expansion of furniture, doors, floors and other construction-related industries. With increasing demand for high-quality finishes and coatings, spray-coating technology has gained increasing prominence.

Indian manufacturers have been adopting advanced spray-coating equip-ment and technologies to enhance productivity, efficiency, and product quality.

One of the world’s leading technology partners for spray coating is the Germany-based Robert Bürkle GmbH. With product lines ROBUSeco and ROBUSpro, they cover all requirements from entry-level to high-end applications.

Bürkle will showcase some highlights from this product segment at this year’s IndiaWood. A particular area of interest for visitors will be digitali-sation and automation, to make up for the increasing shortage of skilled workers. This needs to be compensated through hardware and software automation of processes and workflows.

With a broad offer of digitalisation tools, virtual commissioning and digital twin software along the customers’ process chain, Burkle is a perfect partner to deliver such high demands on production output with automated solutions especially around finishing processes like spray- and roller-coating.



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