Accutec’s cutter heads, saw blades excel

Accutec specialises in manufacturing high-quality tungsten carbide brazed and replaceable tooling tailored for the panel processing and woodworking industry. Among its offerings are pre-milling cutter heads, engineered to deliver impeccable results.

These cutter heads feature DP-tipped (double positive) blades with alternate shear angles, ensuring tear-free jointing edges and cutting surfaces. These versatile tools are equipped with knife arrangements, enabling usage on both right and left sides, producing a hollow cut ideal for tightly closing edge banding.

What sets the pre-milling cutter heads apart is not just their performance but also their design. Crafted for low noise operation and highly-efficient chip collection, these cutter heads prioritise both productivity and user experience.

Moreover, the incorporation of light-weight aluminum alloy in the tool body significantly reduces weight without compromising durability, while the carrier body allows for multiple uses with exchangeable knives, enhancing cost-effectiveness and versatility.

Accutec has a wide range of models, each offering varied technical parameters to suit diverse woodworking needs. Whether it is anti-chipping cutter heads for finishing or cutter heads tailored for edge banding machines, it ensures precision and excellence in every application.

The company’s cutter heads excel in providing an outstanding finish on various materials, including raw laminated panels, chipboard panels, plywood and veneered panels, with optimised unloading facilitating faster chip discharge for seamless operations.

Accutec’s expertise also extends to PCD saw blades, known for their exceptional physical properties and cutting performance. Featuring high-strength tips and sharp teeth, these saw blades guarantee optimum cutting quality and extended edge life, enhancing the overall appearance of wood products.

The advantages of these saw blades are manifold. From long tool and service life to noise reduction and economic efficiency, these blades offer a host of benefits that translate into tangible advantages for woodworking professionals.

With reduced repairing or re-grinding times, improved production efficiency and enhanced finish cut quality the PCD saw blades elevate woodworking operations.

Moreover, the short set-up time, uniform surface finish, increased productivity and reduced machine downtime further underscore the exceptional performance of the saw blades. 



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