Sauerland to showcase its signature ‘burnt door’

The Indian doors industry is going through a massive transformation with the ISI standards expected to be mandatory from March 2024. Doors with Sauerland Spanplatte technology successfully pass all of the performance tests applicable, as well as the important norms of thickness swelling for infill up to 5% in 2 hours of general absorption.

Today, all Indian door manufacturers can utilise this component as a ready solution for manufacturing ISI-marked doors.

In addition to the regular extruded tubular infill to manufacture normal flush doors and moulded skin doors, Sauerland continues to further upscale the Indian door industry by educating the industry and consumers on the benefits of performance-driven doors.

It includes solutions for technical doors, such as fully insulated fire-rated doors up to 60 minutes, 100% wood-based acoustic rated doors up to 47 dB, and fully insulated fire-cum-acoustic rated up to 60 minutes FR + 40 dB.

One of its standout offerings is the fully insulated door (FRD) technology, which revolutionises the concept of fire protection and insulation within doors. Backed by rigorous testing and adhering to global standards it presents a door that excels in insulation, integrity and stability.

Sauerland’s FRD construction technology not only guards against flames but also encapsulates an environment-friendly essence crafting 60-minute fire-rated doors that are a mere 54-mm-thick and 30-minute fire-rated doors at 44 mm thickness.

These doors effortlessly meet global standards while maintaining an ultra-low formaldehyde emission grade. Its FRD technology, a marvel of lightweight design, doesn’t compromise on safety and offers full insulation up to the fire rating.

In addition, it will also showcase the easiest construction examples to manufacture acoustic rated and 30-minute fire-rated doors with complete ease.



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