State-of-the-Forests report released

The ‘India State of Forest Report 2021’ prepared by the Forest Survey of India (FSI), which has been mandated to assess the forest and tree resources of the country was recently released.

The main findings include an increase of 2,261 square km in the total forest and tree cover of the country in the last 2 years. Madhya Pradesh has the largest forest cover in the country; the maximum increase in forest cover was witnessed in Andhra Pradesh (647 square  km), followed by Telangana (632 square km) and Odisha (537 square  km); and 17 states and Union Territories have above 33% of the geographical area under forest cover.

The total carbon stock in the country’s forest is now estimated to be 7,204 million tonnes, an increase of 79.4 million tonnes, while the total mangrove cover in the country is 4,992 square km, an increase of 17 square km.



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