Senosan: films with great functionality

The Austrian plastics specialist, Senosan, is known for its high quality and innovative plastic surfaces. With highly scratch-resistant lacquer coatings, new standards for furniture films have been created in recent years and its dirt-repellent, anti-fingerprint and velvety feel from the super-matte surfaces.

The senosan AM800 TopMatt AF surface has a matte structure with unique anti-fingerprint properties. The surface is not only dirt-repellent but also features a particularly velvety feel quality.

This third generation of the super matt film has established itself and has been nominated for the State Prize for Innovation 2021,the highest honour to be awarded by the Republic of Austria.

As a result of Covid-19 and the resulting ever-increasing hygiene requirements, all lacquered Senosan surfaces, whether high-gloss or matte, as well as all glass surfaces, will now also have an anti-bacterial finish, reducing bacteria and germs by 99.9% within 24 hours.

This anti-bacterial effectiveness has been tested as per ISO 22196 /JIS Z2801 and confirmed by an independent, certified testing institute. By using new technology, the conventional use of controversial silver ions and/or copper sulfite can be dispensed with.

The recycling concept developed and implemented at Senoplast ensures that almost all production and processing waste can be re-incorporated to a certain extent in the ongoing production process.

 In addition, Senoplast has invested in a new regenerate processing plant, which makes it possible to retrieve plastic recyclates from the market, process them accordingly and use them again in existing products. (



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