Hafele’s luminaries light up your living

With Hafele’s new architectural lighting range, one will find all the lighting needs. Whether it is lighting up a small area, highlighting a wall texture, emphasizing on a work of art, illuminating the floor space at night or simply ensuring even distribution of light across the entire space – these lights have got it covered.

The range consists of several series and covers various applications, installation techniques and design themes. Each series comes with a comprehensive offering of the different types of interior lights that include downlights, spotlight and wall washers.

These lights implement a consistent design theme (in terms of the lighting fixtures) across the space available, even with differentiated illumination techniques.

The Edinburgh series from Hafele’s architectural lights range offers light fixtures with a similar design that can be used for true ceiling as well as false ceiling installations.

The drivers built into the luminaires increase the ease of installation. Whereas multiple design options like recess mounted lights with multiple application possibilities that go into false ceiling, surface mounted lights with swivel motion and suspended lights that go on true ceiling give you the freedom of installation.

Offering a low UGR, the light output of this series offers a comfortable visual experience.

These luminaires are available in natural white, warm white and cool white light colours, along with baffle colour options of black, white and bronze. These are the perfect solution for creating the ultimate harmony in your interiors.

Engineered on the same philosophy of ‘easiness’ and ‘flexibility’ as the Loox furniture lighting system, Hafele is a holistic, lighting solutions provider, delivering premium ambient, task and accent lighting for your living spaces.



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