Superb matte finishes from Action TESA

Action TESA, one of the biggest MDF manufacturers in India, announced the launch of Ornamatte, a series of super matte finishes that provide a new dimension to interior design.

It comes equipped with unique UV coating hybrid technology that enables the production of all designs in two modes, UV finish and Super Matte finish.

Matte finishes are currently trending everywhere, be it interior design charts for walls, furniture, or flooring, and Ornamatte seeks to completely transform the look of any space.

One of its highlighted features is its fingerprint resistance. The product provides a smooth satin finish that is pleasing to the touch, while the colors are a treat to the eyes. The super-smooth surface does not carry any fingerprints, ensuring that the product always looks clean and pristine.

With Ornamatte, designers can go beyond the limitations of traditional finishes and explore a new world of unlimited designs. The product provides a unique concept that allows customers to give wings to their imagination.

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