Canadian wood enchants Bengaluru, Jaipur consumers

Speakers and Canadian Wood administrators pose for a picture at the beginning of the seminar on ‘Wood in Manufacturing’ in Bengaluru.

The British Columbia (B.C.) provincial government’s crown corporation, Forestry Innovation Consulting India, popularly known as Canadian Wood, hosted a seminar on ‘Wood in Manufacturing’ in Bengaluru and another seminar on ‘Creativity with Wood’ in Jaipur recently.

The ‘Wood in Manufacturing’ seminar put forth insights into the growth of India as a manufacturing hub for the woodworking industry and also the possibilities for bespoke furniture with sustainable wood.

The session began with a welcome note and message by Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director of Canadian Wood, followed by presentations from distinguished speakers.

Bram Rouws of Bram Woodcrafting Studio (Mysuru), spoke about his experiences in creating bespoke furniture with Canadian wood. Thomas Markose, Kelachandra Veneer Industries (Bengaluru) spoke about climate change and how we should be more responsible.

Anil Tiwari, of Tec Workshop Interiors, showcased some of his past projects of ITC and Taj hotels, and an on-going project of Wood-Niido with Canadian wood species.

Speaking of the functionality of Canadian wood species, Bram said, “The species of Canadian wood are very functional, sustainable and certified.

It also imparts an elegant and natural finish to the end product. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and long-lasting.”

Thomas said, “Sustainable timber is one of the most important species of wood in the industry. Owing to climate change, we need to be more responsible from our end to ensure that this industry sustains for the next 100 years.”

Anil said, “Though we have light metals such as aluminium and PVC that are cheaper than wood, the latter is more durable, eco-friendly and sustainable. It also adds panache and looks elegant.”

Jaipur seminar

The ‘Creativity with Wood’ session began with a welcome note and message by Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, Canadian Wood, followed by presentations from distinguished speakers.

Samiir Wheaton, Founder of Wheaton Design, spoke about the benefits of Canadian wood and how companies are highly reliant on heavy machinery, which cuts down the labour cost.

Architect Shrey Tiwari of Design Tellers spoke about his project, Candrol Centre of Oncology. Vinod Baid, Director of Dileep Industries, shared insights on how the demand for certified and sustainable wood is on an upswing.

Samiir said, “We prefer Canadian wood species because they are high in quality, sustainable and are cost-effective. This allows us to be creative with the design and helps us attract more customers.”

Earlier there was more focus on European designs; but with modern trends and aesthetics, people are moving to trendy designs in terms of new colours, and seamless application of wood that help them create such designs, he added.

Shrey said, “Canadian wood species are amazing choice as they are easy to use, genuine, dimension-specific, consistent and standardised. We are always looking for the experimenting with the woods in terms of creativity and now the demand for woods has been increasing day by day.”

Vinod said, “Nowadays the demand for wood to manufacture furniture is getting higher and requires faster mechanisms in place. Hence, we chose Canadian wood. The suppliers are prompt in delivery, and the texture is always genuine.”

FII largely promotes five wood species in India that are sourced from the sustainably managed forests of B.C.: Douglas, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF).

Through a strong network of more than 40 stockists, these species are available in 23 cities across India.


Canadian Wood’s seminar on ‘Creativity with Wood’ in Jaipur attracted several speakers and distinguished architects.



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