EvoL: new advancements in sanding wood panels

IMEAS Spa is an Italian company that has been producing machines for stainless steel working finishing since 1966. In 2017, it launched the EvoL model, which represents the ninth generation of IMEAS sanding machines.

EvoL is the evolution of more than 50 years of experience and know-how in calibrating and sanding wood panels. Only a year after its launch, EvoL gathered high appreciation in the market, with more than 70 sanding and calibration heads purchased by IMEAS customers all over the world.

The synthesis of this technological evolution is known as full control system which, together with the full control belt, allows the line operator to configure, check and if necessary, correct the sanding process with the ease of a click.

Through an easy-to-use graphical interface, it is now possible to control every aspect of the sanding process such as starting a motor, oscillating an abrasive belt, checking the state of health of a bearing or adjusting each calibration/sanding head. This can be set using a touchscreen panel with a precision up to 0.01mm.

Sanding recipes can be stored and used by the operator in accordance with the current job — the sanding units will reset their working position in less than 10 seconds!

The full control belt is a new system to ensure better abrasive belt control. The system is composed by a proportional valve controlled by the PLC to move the belt slightly to restore the original belt position.

In addition, a new construction design was developed to reduce the number of internal components to gain easy accessibility into important areas of the machine — reducing and simplifying the maintenance activities as compared to the previous generations of machines.

All the machines are made in Italy and can be developed in various sizes depending to the format of the panels to be processed. The current range is from 1,600mm up to 3,600mm of useful width.

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