Poland’s Kimla introduces linear drive nesting centre

Kimla, a well-known manufacturer of CNC machines and fibre laser cutters in Poland, has entered the woodworking field with its Kimla Wood series of machines for wood-based materials.

The flagship of the new series is the BPF-2131 Wood linear nesting centre, with an ultra-modern design based on linear drives, providing milling speeds and precision unattainable by other machines, as well as very low machine maintenance costs.

Each Kimla Wood series machine is equipped with linear drives to recover electrical energy during machining, significantly reducing a factory’s electrical bills. Linear drives have a huge advantage over traditional axle drive methods used by all competitors in the woodworking industry.

Using ordinary rotary motors (usually servo) to drive linear machine axes requires a gearbox that converts the rotary motion of the motor into linear motion of the axle. This can be either a toothed bar or a ballscrew; but either solution has limited accuracy, efficiency and service life.

Drilling innovation

The BPF131 Wood is armed with an innovative drill head equipped with 12 independent vertical drills at 32-mm spacing, two balls for ”nutating” and a  set of eight horizontal drills that allow drilling holes for Confirmat pin-type connections on four sides of the furniture board, directly on the vacuum table of the machine, without the need for suction cups or other fasteners.

With the patented Turbo extraction foot, the operator will never have to worry about dust while milling again. The Turbo foot guarantees nearly 100% extraction of chips and dust generated during machining, reducing to a minimum the need to clean work pieces before further processing.

The reduction in dust also reduces the risk of worker indisposition associated with constant exposure to dust and dust generated in the carpentry shop. The Turbo foot also reduces the likelihood of work pieces moving during cutting.

The BPF-2131 Wood can be optionally equipped with the Abrys software package dedicated to the furniture industry for designing customised furniture.

The vane vacuum pump guarantees high vacuum during material processing on the CNC milling machine. The construction of the vane pump guarantees its maintenance-free and quiet operation.

The machine is equipped with safety nets for the device and certified laser gates so that working with the device is safe for the operator and bystanders.

In-feed, out-feed

The receiving table allows the automatic collection of cut parts from the milling machine table. It allows you the opportunity to receive material of 2800-mm x 2070-mm format. Its purpose is to increase the productivity of the machine after eliminating cleaning and manual collection of  formats from the machine table.

The feeding table located behind the machine, lifting boards up to 2800mm x 2070mm, can be easily loaded with a forklift. The load capacity of such a table is 25 pieces of 18-mm-thick board, the table has a lifting capacity of 3 tonnes.

The infeed table cooperates with the system of picking up pieces with suction cups and allows rapid loading of the board on the table of the nesting center.

The element-pushing system allows full-format furniture boards to be automatically pushed off the machine’s working table. It significantly reduces the time that is needed to start working on the machine.

The pushing system cleans and automatically vacuums the working table after processing, eliminating the need to perform this operation manually. Thanks to the pushing bar, the cut pieces are quickly pushed onto the belt of the receiving table.

The system for pulling boards from the infeed table consists of four vacuum suction nozzles with adjustable spacing. The suckers are installed behind the machine gate. Thanks to the intake system, it is possible to quickly load the plate onto the machine’s working table.

Powerful software

The machine has automatic gates that quickly and efficiently switch the airflow from the dust collector to the place where it is needed, depending on the type of work that is currently being performed on the machine.

The vacuum table is made of high-pressure HPL laminate. It is covered with a network of channels so that the vacuum spreads evenly throughout its range. The table is divided into six sections controlled by solenoid valves. The table is powered by powerful Becker pumps, which guarantee perfect clamping of the material during processing.

The labelling system consists of an industrial printer installed on the X-axis (machine gate) and a label applicator. The system allows automatic labeling of the plate before it is milled. Automatic labeling eliminates the human factor and reduces the probability of error to zero.

Dynamic Vector Analysis and HSM Dynamic Vector Analysis and HSM algorithm with a complex toolpath of tens of thousands of vectors allows you to significantly reduce the machining time of your parts. The unique patented technology gives you the ability to make complex furniture fronts at a much higher rate while maintaining high precision and quality.

A parametric CAD/CAM program installed on the operator’s desktop allows  easy and quick preparation by the operator, without the need to consult a technologist from the office.

Many applications

The Abrys SysTEM is an integral and intuitive system that manages all stages of custom furniture production. It is 100% online, and the whole thing is done through a web browser. It has an intuitive interface, so you can produce faster.

A rotary tool magazine installed on the machine gantry with 12-item storage significantly reduces the time for changing cones in the spindle. In the case of a linear magazine, the milling machine has to travel an additional distance with each tool change, thus lengthening the entire machining cycle.

The BPF-2131 Wood can process wood, chipboard, MDF, Corian, HPL and acrylic material. The milling machine allows you to make furniture fronts (straight, lamellas, openwork, fluted, English), custom furniture (kitchens, closets, dressing rooms), small batch furniture made of furniture boards (single cabinets and complete buildings), furniture frames, processing of kitchen ballets and wall panels.

Kimla Wood’s sales and service support is offered by Bengaluru-based Arnavi Machines (, its exclusive partner for India.



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