Homag’s app for machine monitoring

Machine monitoring and reporting in the form of an app and software provides an essential overview and helps unlock the full potential of their production environment. You get real data such as parts, cycles, changeover gaps and much more for easy analysis and real improvements.

It also connects machines from other manufacturers, as well as older machines. The app can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet with recommended operating systems of Android version 5 or higher, and iOS version 11 or higher.

It can be used in conjunction with all Homag machines which are ‘Tapio-ready’ (with powerControl V2 control system).

Clearly-displayed key figures provide an up-to-date overview of the performance of the machines in operation in the short term for the last 8 hours or 14 days, while in the medium and long term for the last 3 months or last year.

It also gives indications of potential for improvement through different presentations in coloured graphics and diagrams.

The following key figures can be called up at any time: 

Main utilization level: the amount of time the machine has been in production in relation to the time it was switched on (=main utilization/ occupancy time). This key figure allows conclusions to be drawn about performance losses due to waiting times, setup or malfunctions.

Yield: the development of part or cycle performance over time clearly shows how many parts were produced in which periods; transparent overview of improvements in part or cycle performance, both in the short and long term.

Usage: the percentage of the different machine states in the evaluation period.

Its key benefits are:

•        Keeps an eye on production with just one click: the mobile presents the capacity and current load of your production in real-time;

•        Clear presentation: the software measures the effectiveness of the machines and informs you about this using various key figures;

•        Offers solid data as a basis for decisions: recognises the potential for improving and optimising the machine pool quickly. With solid data as a basis, you can analyse your production, make informed decisions, and ensure an efficient production standard for the future;

•        Reveals production gaps: you get detailed analyses of idle times;

•        Always up-to-date: Even when not in production, you are always informed about the performance of your machinery.

•        Potential for improvement is revealed through key figures and evaluations;

•        All new Homag machines with powerTouch (Windows) are visible in the app and can be connected quickly and easily.



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