State-of-the-art sanding with SCM

The new DMC System and its exclusive CO2 laser unit (R) create 3D marking on wood flooring, wood elements, MDF panels to be ennobled, fibre cement panels and solid surfaces.

Gone are the days when a wide-belt sanding machine only worked on a single flat surface. The market requires finishes that can surprise visually and by texture, and offer a unique personal touch to a design product.

Sophisticated aesthetic results like the saw cut, carving, 3D surfaces, as well the most varied brushing and texturing effects are the need of the hour. SCM leads the way with a continuous R&D path aimed at increasing production flexibility, efficiency and quality standards.

The new DMC System automatic sanding-calibrating machine is the ideal solution, thanks to the new exclusive CO2 laser unit that is particularly made to create three-dimensional marking on wood flooring, wood elements, MDF panels to be ennobled, fibre cement panels and solid surfaces.

This unit represents a completely new sanding technology due to the exclusive continuous passing application. The main advantages of this solution are increased productivity and the possibility to machine parts of any length: all with a truly compact solution because the laser unit, being integrated into the machine, does not increase the amount of space used.

Another important advantage comes from the self-refilling technology, a distinctive advantage of SCM’s laser engraving unit and created by EI.En, one of the main businesses in the sector.

With this refilling innovative technology, you can have a laser source which always works at maximum power. The laser beam’s quality constantly remains at its highest level, and the lifespan of the laser source is practically infinite.

Another significant advantage comes from the ‘eye-M’ PC panel, with which it is possible to manage, program and set the laser work parameters, that was made possible with a simple and user-friendly graphic interface.

With just three working parameters which can be changed, it is possible to define the useful marking level to guide the operator in an easily and intuitively way. All this is achieved with machining and monitoring in real time via webcam.

Wood flooring machining allows you to achieve geometrical and abstract pattern with an advancement speed of up to 3 m/min. and to also score carved surfaces.

The SCM laser engraving unit is particularly well suited to customising and veneering kitchen cabinet doors. On MDF panels, relief marking before painting or plating with PVC can be achieved with the Sergiani 3D Form 3D laminating press.



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