CAD/CAM solutions from TopSolid

TopSolid Wood is a software that is aimed at wood production and offers complete integration from conception (design) to manufacturing. It allows efficient management of projects, from the simplest to the most complex, thanks to its efficient design functionality and its assembly management, along with parameterisation and associativity.

When complemented with its fabrication module – TopSolid WoodCAM – it is an integrated CAD/CAM solution that analyses geometries to automatically deduce fabrication operations.

TopSolid SAS  works closely with machine builders for the woodworking industry to develop post-processors that optimise production times and costs.

TopSolid WoodDesign allows 2D and 3D parametric design with wood functions. It integrates specific machining issues right from the modelling phase and provides:

•        Methodology for projects, from the simplest to the most complex;

•        3-dimensional design;

•        Optimised management of assemblies;

•        Component library;

•        Fast and associative transition to 2D;

•        Creation of images and videos in 3D environment.

TopSolid WoodCAM

This is a machining solution for the wood industry. Use of TopSolid WoodCAM through the 3D model of TopSolid WoodCAD allows advanced manufacturing automation and complete associativity between design and fabrication.

•        TopSolid Wood CAM manufacturing features from 2 to 5 axes;

•        Complementary nesting module for manufacturing;

•        Custom-built post-processors, taking into account parameters of customer’s machines.

TopSolid Planner

This is a planner that allows design to be created in stores that is ready for manufacture. It works as a configurator, assembling elements, with rendering and budgeting for customer approval. After adjudication, the entire project is ready for manufacturing.

•        Use of elements from the catalogue (built with  TopSolid WoodDesign ) to assemble kitchens, bedrooms, commercial spaces, laboratories, among others;

•        Tools for quick construction of spaces, ideal for commercials and stores;

•        The ideal tool to connect customers to Fabrica.



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