New nesting solution from Leitz

Diamaster nesting router bit.

With rising costs, it has become a challenge to manage labour and materials efficiently. With CNC nesting technology Leitz Tooling Systems, the world’s leading manufacturer of tools for the professional processing of solid wood and wood derived materials, helps users achieve effective and optimum use of their resources.

Nesting is a waste optimised machining concept to size or profile boards on CNC machining centres. With this technology, it is possible to perform both sizing and profiling cuts (outside profile and ornamental groove profile) in one step.

Nesting is used as a replacement or a supplement to conventional panel saw. Nesting process provides the following advantages:

•        Sizing, parting, grooving of material in one setting;

•        Using of tools with high feed rates;

•        Reducing cycle time and increasing productivity.

Typical areas of application for nesting are furniture made of wood-derived materials which will be coated or painted afterwards, interiors of homes and workplaces such as kitchen and workstations.

Nesting is also employed in machining small parts of solid wood, wood derived materials and non-ferrous metals, as well as plastics.

Diamaster Pro

To achieve effective nesting operation, Leitz has developed these router bit tools with spiral cutting edge arrangement with alternate shear angle and DP tipped edges over the complete cutting length.

With DP plunging tip and tool body made from high-tensile material, these router bits are particularly useful for nesting applications and are available from stock in diameters ranging 10-20mm.

These router bits can be resharpened up to 12 times and offer extended performance along with efficient sizing and nesting cuts in panel products, as well as abrasive materials.

Clamping system

The clamping system plays a very decisive role in the nesting process as the interface between tool and machine. With conventional chucks, the fit clearance reduces concentricity, stability and clamping force. The result is that machine and tool are not as effective as they should be.

The ThermoGrip shrink fit technology overcomes the limitations of conventional chucks, since the tool and chuck are connected as if they were made of one piece (monobloc construction). This enables the nesting tool to cut at maximum speed, gives longer tool life and improves precision, high clamping excentricity (up to <0.01mm) and even with higher cutting forces.



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