Re-modelling ideas, new designs from Aryamman

New-age requirement for home interiors is seeing a transition between kitchens and other areas of the home as the epitome of modern living. One always wishes for a kitchen that would serve the needs of the family in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly practical.

Re-modelling the kitchen has become one of the most important home improvement projects. The year 2023 will usher in fresh kitchen trends: designs will become more practical and thoughtful, heading towards a minimal, yet elegant aesthetic.

The use of more natural looking surfaces with an aura of innovation – such as coloured marbles, stones and metals, with a modern touch of texture, colour, design and depth – also promise features like anti-stain, anti-bacterial, scratch removal technology, water repellent, anti-finger print which are required for the functionality and yet add the aesthetical touch.

Surfaces for kitchens in 2023 will gain depth and character from the use of contrasting wood and metal tones. The new generation of kitchen furniture is going to demand surfaces which are based on innovative materials with design and that can be used with flexibility.

The surfaces collection by Aryamman Interior Solutions offer solutions to both needs with elegant designs that transcend the conventional boundaries. With warm colours, and a large selection of innovative Technomatt SRT made-in-Italy super matt surfaces also include the modern marble range with the eclectic touch of stone.

The entire range of Technomatt SRT series consists of the solid colours and the eclectic marble range promises features like scratch removal technology, anti-stain, anti-fingerprint, water repellent and low reflectivity of light.

SynchronPly is a range with an organic design of synchronised veneer effects on plywood with beautiful natural wood grains and woven linen textures, which brings the natural warmth to the social life of your home.

Glassic, a selection of luxury acrylics with a liquid metal range in high gloss and super matts, is the ideal solution for a modern home that transcends the conventional boundaries.

Aryamman Interior Solutions will be showcasing its new designer range of surfaces for 2023 at DelhiWood (4-7 March, 2023), Greater Noida.



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