Chair customisation through Bacci machines

Bacci’s Master is a large, 6-axes, heavy-duty gantry-based CNC machine.

Paolino Bacci, one of the oldest manufacturers of woodworking machines based out of Italy, has developed a line of CNC machining centers. These centers have several fields of applications that include chairs, tables and furniture elements, musical instruments, sporting goods and articles, doors and windows, components in plastic, aluminum and composite materials.

One of the most representative machines in the Bacci range is the Master, a large 6-axes, heavy-duty, gantry-based CNC machine suitable for precise and high-productivity machining. Master, with its unparalleled versatility, is able to offer extensive customisation options, including locking systems.

Its operating heads are suitable for any type of processing, because of the multiple spindles and the presence of automatic tool change. It offers maximum processing precision constantly over time, due to the extreme rigidity of the gantry structure which guarantees a total absence of vibrations.

Along with this, its Z stroke is among the widest on the market, being able to reach up to a maximum of 1500mm.

The award-winning T4MO CNC is not simply a lathe capable of working without “copying”, but it is a real 3D shaping machine capable of machining even flat surfaces and edges, with levels of finish and productivity unattainable by conventional lathes.

It unleashes the creativity of designers by allowing them to reproduce easily the wooden elements, starting from their 3D drawings. In fact, T4MO CNC does not require the use of counter templates and uses software for the automatic generation of trajectories. It also allows the prototyping of new pieces in a very short time.

Equipped with a dust-proof and sound-proof cabin and a floor space of just 3x2 metres, this machine minimises production space.

The T4MO CNC is used for the production of solid wood chairs or furniture elements, as well as for the manufacture of handles, coat hangers, rifles, sporting goods, oars, anatomical clogs and musical instruments.



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