Intelligent fire protection from Sweden

The wood panel industry has long grappled with a persistent challenge: the threat of fires. In many manufacturing plants, fire incidents occur with alarming regularity, forcing production stoppages, and incurring significant downtime costs.

One of the industry’s critical challenges lies in identifying vulnerable areas prone to fires. Board presses, in particular, stand out as a high-risk zone. These presses play a pivotal role in the manufacturing process, combining wood material with adhesive under intense conditions.

The wood undergoes substantial pressure, ranging from 15 to 25 bar, and is exposed to temperatures between 200-240°C. While this high temperature expedites the drying of the board, it also creates an environment where any oil leaks from the press can ignite rapidly.

Other high-risk areas in wood panel manufacturing include chip dryers, where high heat poses a constant threat, and machinery with potential friction issues due to stones, metal objects, or faulty bearings in the material flow.

Firefly, a pioneering provider of fire protection solutions, is stepping up to the plate with a suite of cutting-edge technologies that not only mitigate fire risks but also optimise plant productivity.

The Firefly PressGuard is a game-changing, quick-suppression system that encompasses both detection and water mist suppression technologies. It is finely tuned to suit various areas of a press, swiftly and accurately identifying ignition sources.

When an issue is detected, the water mist suppression system springs into action, using a minimal amount of water to quell the flames. This not only effectively suppresses fires but also minimizes any potential secondary damage.

Fine dust generated by sanding machines presents another formidable fire hazard. This dust, if ignited, can trigger a rapid and dangerous spread of fire. Firefly’s SanderGuard system is designed to address this critical issue.

It employs quick flame detection mechanisms within the sanding machine, followed by precise water mist suppression. By doing so, it provides robust protection for this crucial link in the wood panel production chain, mitigating fire risks and enhancing overall safety.

With headquarters in Stockholm, Firefly operates in over 80 countries, with a portfolio of patented products and ground-breaking solutions that set new safety standards across industries. For more information, write to



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