Acrymica: a new laminate for furniture

Praveedh Décor has been a beacon of quality and ingenuity since 2012. Its latest creation, Acrymica, is not merely a product, but a revolutionary material that promises to reshape the point of view with regard to furniture design and construction.

Acrymica’s unrivalled quality is eight layers deep: each layer is a testament to precision engineering and craftsmanship. The journey begins with the top protective foil layer, by preserving the laminates immaculate appearance while guarding against external forces so that the surface of the laminate remains pristine.

The subsequent layer, a hard coat lacquer, adds a resilient shield, enhancing the durability and resistance to wear and tear of Acrymica. Clear acrylic follows, creating a transparent canvas that allows the natural beauty of the material to shine through.

Coloured ABS and modified ABS continue the journey, reinforcing structural integrity and durability. The adhesive layer acts as the cohesive bond, seamlessly bridging the polymer side and paper of the product.

Finally, the craft paper layer provides stability and ease of application, ensuring that Acrymica’s exceptional qualities shine through effortlessly.

Together, these eight layers form the foundation of Acrymica’s exceptional performance, stunning aesthetics and enduring quality. It is a material that surpasses expectations and redefining what is possible in interior design.

In the realm of innovative design, Acrymica emerges as a pioneer, weaving a captivating tale of brilliance and opulence. As the world’s first fusion of polymer and paper laminate for furniture, it beckons us into uncharted territories of creativity.

With a mirror finish that dances with light, it transforms spaces into luminous realms that captivate the senses. And for those who seek the touch of luxury, Acrymica’s high gloss level is a masterpiece, enhancing the beauty of interiors. Acrymica also offers a super-matt satin finish, an invitation to tactile elegance that is perfect for creating cosy and inviting spaces.

Acrymica super-matt finishes has anti-bacterial properties, keeping living spaces not only beautiful but also safe. Acrymica’s range of metallic finishes adds a touch of opulence to interiors.

Its manufacturing warranty provides peace of mind and assurance, ensuring that investment in the product is not just in luxury, but in lasting value. Acrymica provides matching backers, ensuring a consistent and polished look.

Its resistance to chipping ensures that furniture remains pristine. Installation becomes effortless with Acrymica’s easy bonding properties, simplifying the process for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Acrymica’s paper backer ensures a flawless finish, allowing for the use of ordinary glue without concerns about bubbles, air pockets or surface contamination. Its indestructible durability shines through with remarkable scratch resistance, making it suitable for horizontal surfaces.

High gloss collections withstand a 1-kg load and 20 rounds of steel wool scrubbing, while super-matt collections handle 2-kg loads and 20 rotations without a  scratch.

At a slim 1.5mm thickness, Acrymica offers smooth and easy handling, reducing transportation and transit costs. For more details, write to Mumbai-based




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