Formica showcases its latest product range

At DelhiWood 2023, Formica launched its Incanto collection, which is a selection of 10 décors combined with distinctive textures in three different families: the woods, the stones and the patterns.

Each décor is the result of a precise stylistic choice and has been inspired by the natural surroundings, by the most contemporary trends, and by an innate taste for design and art so peculiar to the Italian culture and way of living.

Formica also introduced VIS technology, which gives a more realistic appearance to surfaces. It has 20 shades and has been designed to have a high wear resistance as well as organic components that increase the texture’s tactile experience.

The brand will soon launch Cora, a breakthrough collection of high-pressure laminates with six carefully colour-matched cores having 22 shades to look out for!

The company also showcased its star products, Fenix and DecoMetal at the show. Fenix, manufactured by Arpa Industriale and distributed by Formica in India, is an innovative element that can enhance the look and feel of surface interiors owing to its properties. The sustainable materials used in production, alongside the premium-looking matt surfaces, make it an obvious choice for premium interiors.

DecoMetal is a range of decorative metal laminates manufactured by Homapal in Germany.



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