Kesseböhmer’s comfort, design mark Conero wardrobes

Kesseböhmer, renowned for its innovative fittings, presented ‘Conero’ as its first comprehensive range of walk-in wardrobes, designed specifically for private dressing rooms. With its remarkable scalability, this series appeals to a wide target audience.

The core focus of the ‘Conero’ range is adaptability to suit any bespoke planning situation. It offers two different unit depths of 475 mm and 345 mm and clear unit widths ranging from 334 mm to 1,020 mm, making it functionally and aesthetically versatile.

Kesseböhmer prioritizes comfort and design in the ‘Conero’ range, regardless of whether an open-style wardrobe or one concealed behind revolving or sliding doors is preferred. Storage space, visibility, accessibility, and ease of use are all carefully considered.

The interior pull-outs feature the sleek ‘Soft Edge’ design with subtly rounded corners, providing a visually appealing and user-friendly experience. The fully-extending pull-outs are equipped with cushioned self-closing mechanisms and transparent front panels, delivering convenience that is tangible to the user.

Additionally, Kesseböhmer offers the option for customers to introduce their own materials or utilise the aluminium and glass elements provided.

Liner mats with flocked surfaces and versatile inserts for organising drawers allow for customisation based on the dressing room’s intended use and price segment.

The pull-outs are available in 72 mm and 168 mm height, with 32-mm hole spacing. Two low pull-outs precisely equal one tall pull-out, allowing for optimal space utilisation.

Pull-outs with high side panels are ideal for organising loose items such as socks, while functional pull-outs in a coordinated design cater to everyday needs like trouser racks or removable laundry bags.

The ‘Conero’ wardrobe series offers a coordinated colour concept that seamlessly blends with its surroundings.

The Powder Black and Powder Gold tones can be selected to harmonise with the overall aesthetic and materials of the room.

Kesseböhmer ensures a smooth look and feel, accompanied by a scratch-resistant surface on the design elements. All these features make the ‘Conero’ range a must-have for those seeking a personalised and stylish dressing room.

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