EMC makes sanding a fine art

EMC Italia is a pioneer of wide belt sanding machines across the globe. Its Planar sanding system is an innovative method patented by EMC that enables high sanding standards to be achieved.

The system is integrated in the Plano machine, a multi-purpose sander for multi-directional super-finishing. The contact between the panel and the abrasive belt is made on a perfectly flat surface, so that the contact between them takes place on a perfectly flat surface and the sanding is planar, i.e. uniform over the entire surface.

With this system, once the panel is inserted in the machine, it is as if it were “gliding” over the abrasive rollers. The result is the Plano machine, which was developed to fully incorporate this innovative, patented sanding system.

The particularity of the Plano lies in the rotary sanding system, which combines three different systems that include a wide sanding belt, two fixed electronic pads and the rotation of the entire sanding unit in a single movement.

This method is the result of normal sanding systems, on which intervention is made by modifying three dimensions if necessary: the speed of the belt, the pressure of the pads, and the speed of the sanding belt.

The new planar method adds a fourth “dimension” that can be modified: the speed of the rotary unit which determines the sanding effect on the panel. The result is sanding in 4D.

This new procedure completely changes the dynamics of the sanding process because, while in the traditional one it is the abrasive belt that enters the panel, in this system it is the panel that enters the belt.

This movement guarantees perfect sanding on all four edges of the panel, ensuring a perfect “radius edge” between edge and corner. In this way, there is no longer an infeed and outfeed of the belt on the work piece, but it is the work piece that “planes” on the belt.

The result of flatness, compactness, speed, simplicity, and economy is the Planar system, and from all this comes the Plano, a machine created and patented to fully absorb the system.

EMC Italia has tied up with Bengaluru-based Arnavi Machines to make these wide belt sanding machines accessible across India. For details write to info@arnavimachines.com.



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