Turkish lines for lamination, wrapping

Unimak, the Turkish manufacturer and exporter of machinery, equipment and facilities to more than 70 countries, has a manufacturing facility in Tuzla Kimyacılar OSB, which is 4,000 square metres. This investment decision takes into account expansion 10 years from now for pre-sale and after-sale services, storage space and development of production planning.

Unimak’s business is in continuous growth, resulting in the additional purchase of a new, 40,000-square-metres production facility in the industrial estate at Imes Yalova Specialised Organised Industrial Zone.

Unimak will construct a total of 30,000 square metres of indoor production area as part of its goals for 2023, making it the biggest and most modern facility of woodworking machinery industry in Turkey and in the world.

Its surface lamination lines can cover up to 1350-mm in width for MDF, chipboard, wall (sanded) panels, XPS and EPS polystyrene sandwich panels, etc.

The reverse roller equipment imparts high gloss lamination to the materials that are suitable for sheet or roll type lamination such as acrylic, PP, ABS, PET, finish foil, laminate, natural veneer with an external PUR hot-melt adhesive melting systems.

The profile wrapping machine wraps PVC, finish foil, CPL (micro-laminate), high gloss and PP foils to MDF, wooden profile, wall panels, frame and casing with PUR hot-melt glue system via slot nozzle.

The foil slitting machine slits PVC and PP foil bobbins up to 0.40-mm thickness and in 700 mm or 1500 mm width. Unimak is represented in India by Nitshaw. For more information, email marketing@nitshaw.com.



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