Unicol adhesives for flat lamination

Hot-melt polyurethane reactive (HMPUR) adhesives have been developed for applications where a superior bonding quality is required, particularly for bathroom or kitchen furniture panels, where moisture resistance is a key driver.

After cooling, the glue line builds up a high strength of the bonded materials. Between 1 and 5 days, we have the complete curing of the glue, allowing it to reach high bonding properties. Once the product is cured it cannot be re-activated as an EVA hot-melt.

HMPUR adhesives can be used for bonding different types of substrates and overlays used in the kitchen, bathroom, and door production, parquet manufacturing, and PVC and aluminum windows profile wrapping.

Unicol, an Italian company, offers Unipur 8401, along with a wide range of HMPUR products to satisfy multiple applications from different industrial sectors such as the woodworking, panel-making, textile and tissue industries.

Roll coating machinery allows the application of HMPUR adhesives to a variety of flat sheet substrates, both evenly and efficiently, via a series of automated rollers.

The roller coater is normally equipped with a heated chrome-plated dosing roller and a rubber application roller.

A pressure roller, located under the application roller, is used to drive the panel under the application roller.

Double-sided roller coaters are available to allow both sides of a panel to be coated. The adhesive is normally applied to the rollers through a drum melter. A level control sensor, situated in the roller coater, controls the amount of adhesive in the reservoir.

The melter equipment must be hermetically sealed to prevent curing reactions inside of machinery.

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