Health & customer friendly choices from Asian Prelam

The global modular kitchen industry is witnessing unprecedented growth, driven by use of advanced materials, fabrication equipment and speed of execution. The primary components in building these kitchens are panel products and hardware.

Asian Prelam is creating a one-stop solution that will cater to kitchens with a very high visual appeal, remarkable feel and touch, health benefits, and weather resistance – all at attractive price points.

Panel products are characterised by the quality of the substrate and the visual look that covers it. For substrates, Asian Prelam offers a wide product range, starting with the premium BWP birch plywood to the popular HDF HMR with V-313 grading, and the latest HD HMR chipboards in V-313 E1 grade.

These offer superior, health-friendly (E1 grading), weather-friendly (HMR with V313 grading), and hardware-friendly (high density) benefits.

On the aesthetics front, Asian Prelam offers multiple options for all kinds of budgets, feels and looks. For the high-end bracket, there is Glassenza, a superior alternative to back painted glass; Acryline premium-coloured products with multiple surface finishes; and Acrylook which is budget-friendly too.

For the more adventurous, Asian Prelam offers a wide range of textured surfaces with the look and feel of wood. For the cost-conscious but no-compromise look, there is also the beautiful flat suede-finished melamine surfaced options in more than 100 colours and decors.

Recently Asian Prelam introduced Vogue, a custom-made design series that is unique to the company. This comes with off-the-shelf availability for home projects and can be further customised for large scale requirements.

With Vogue, Asian Prelam now offers the power to also create your own laminate design with your choice of colours and custom branding options.

A further extension provides specific surface textures to match the design for an even more realistic feel, spread across stone, fabric and wood designs. With so many benefits on offer, Vogue truly stands out as the product designed for the living and working spaces of tomorrow.



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