Moisture-resistant boards from Adlerwud

Adlerwud is acknowledged as one of the best MDF/ XDHMR/ pre-laminated board brands in India. One of its USPs is that the products are moisture-resistant and are ideally used in kitchens and bathrooms.

Adlerwud XDHMR (high density high moisture resistance) boards are being manufactured using hard wood, so the density of the product becomes better than other products available in the market. The boards have the best routing characteristics due to their uniform density gradient and compact core.

This is achieved by using special German technology for mat formation in an 8-cylinder, 22-daylight press in their production.

Interestingly, advanced XDHMR wood is derived from plantation trees, agricultural waste and forest wood waste and helps in protecting the environment.

MDF doesn’t require too much maintenance; all it needs is a quick wipe down for any dirt or slight stains for it to remain in top condition.

The XDHMR board comes with a 5-year warranty and, if cabinets are properly maintained, there is no reason they shouldn’t last even longer.



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