Henkel’s Loctite Pulse makes MRO easy

Henkel Adhesive Technologies, the Germany-based leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, introduced Loctite Pulse, an industrial internet-of-things (IoT) solution that contributes to the reliability of critical assets.

Loctite Pulse smart flange leak detection can detect early leakages and may be able to predict serious incidents. Critical assets can be monitored with a smart app and notifications are sent when irregularities are detected.

This enables operators to act in a timely manner, significantly decreasing the risks of growing leaks to both operations and the environment and contributing to sustainability.

Major customers in the oil and gas and chemical industries, such as Shell or H&R Group, have already installed the maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) solution in their plants and are benefiting from intelligent monitoring.

Since the majority of these critical flanges are located under insulation,or in difficult-to-access areas, visual inspection required significant effort and was often carried out at insufficient intervals and in inadequate quality.

With the help of Loctite Pulse smart flange, critical flanges are now continuously monitored, enabling the detection of possible leaks at an early stage.

This avoids costly repairs and unplanned downtime, while also providing an additional level of safety.

The use case at the Shell Energy and Chemicals Park in Rheinland (Germany) is similar. The users are particularly impressed by three advantages of the Henkel solution: simple and fast installation, the fact that leaks can be precisely localised, and the possibility of rapid scaling.

For Henkel, IoT, especially smart maintenance, is an important future growth area. Smart Flange represents just the first of many solutions that will soon follow.

The Loctite Pulse solutions are installed in several of Henkel’s own plants and are showcased at its two production plants, as well as in its Inspiration Centre in Düsseldorf. In 2021, Henkel reported sales of more than 20 billion Euros and adjusted operating profit of about 2.7 billion Euros. (www.henkel.com).



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