Efficient sanding from Goodtek Machinery

In the field of woodworking, for wider double-side processing, Goodtek Machinery Co provides an alternative to sanding machines – the 1,320-mm GTM-1320W double surface planer.

It is designed to feed material with a flexible top bolt at the front section, and multi-axes power transmission at the rear section to ensure smooth feeding. The cutting noise of the spiral knife is low, the durability is good, and wood tear marks are avoided.

The GTM-1320W can satisfy double surfacing processing at one time with fast feeding (up to 24 metres per minute). For the clamped board width within 1.3 metres, light sanding after double-side planing can achieve one side sanding, and one side surfacing effect.

The GTM-1320W contains several special parts that traditional double-side planers lack and is backed by decades of professional planer-production experience in the design and manufacture of reliable products. Check it out in Booth No. J0518.




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