WenChih tooling for machining centres

With the labour force gradually decreasing, the furniture industry needs to minimise human production and turn to the automated machinery and equipment that has enabled the stable sales growth of CNC machining centres.

Wen Chih Machinery Industrial Co’s main product, the CNC multi-spindle drilling head, has always been the best tool for CNC machining centres. Whether it is the standard or customised spacing series, Wen Chi can help you simplify the production process further to set up more automated processing.

Through the CNC machining centre, multiple CNC multi-spindle drilling heads can be placed in the tool magazine and a computer can be used to call the corresponding CNC multi-spindle drilling head to process wood.

In addition to reducing the time for manual loading and unloading, this eliminates the need to manually flip and move the wooden board, which makes the operator safer and greatly reduces manpower requirements.

The CNC multi-spindle drilling head can complete more than five holes at a time. It can not only greatly shorten the processing time, but also achieve the new generation advantages of energy saving, carbon reduction, and power saving, and wood processing can be completed in one procedure.

At Wood Taiwan, Wen Chih is also displaying its CNC angle heads, which are used with drill bit, router bit, end mill and saw blades. Their easy operation and huge angle change enable up to 5-axes processing achieved at low cost.

The high strength and lightweight aluminium alloy body design can be customised with a tool holder interface. Check out Wen Chih’s range at Booth No. K1016.




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