Maggi adds to CNC boring line-up

Boring System 1200-Evo

Maggi Technology has designed and manufactured woodworking machines in Italy since 1963.

It works to ensure that artisans and small-scale furniture manufacturers can rely on its simple, efficient, durable solutions, with an investment geared to their needs.

Additionally, Maggi’s easily programmable automatic boring machines are designed for those who wish to speed up custom manufacturing by organising the process.

At Xylexpo 2022, Maggi presented two new CNC automatic boring machines, designed specifically for those who have never worked with a computer numerical control machine, but want to make a leap in product quality.

The Boring System 1200 Evo is the ideal solution for small furniture manufacturers of kitchens and bespoke pieces of furniture with high accuracy, versatility and productivity.

It has a user-friendly software interface; small footprint of 3 square metres; is easy to maintain; has automatic lubrication of the axes; low power consumption; and can be configured to customer’s requirements.

The software interface is intuitive and icon-based; can directly import 3D-CAD file formats such as .stl, .stp, .iges, .obj, . skp and 2D files in .dxf format; and abides by all requirements for ‘Industry 4.0’ standards.

It can take a maximum panel weight of 70 kg to process heavy kitchen tops and out-of-standard working pieces.

The Boring System 21 Technology is a multi-spindle, single-head, electronic boring machine with 3 NC axes, for horizontal and vertical drilling into wood-based panels and solid wood.

Thanks to the touch- and icon-based patented system, for the electronic selection of boring height, depth and boring angle over a PLC, the set-up is easy and intuitive and does not require any specific programming skills.

The high-precision movement of the NC axes, driven by stepper motors and end-coder – as well as the well-balanced and even movement of the boring head, driven by a centred motor and linear sliding guides and ball bearings – ensure an extremely accurate drilling process, and high-quality end products.

The reference side fences, adjustable on numeric counters, always represent a precise reference point, quick to set-up, and guarantee perfect parallelism of the drilling operations.

In addition, Maggi Technology is already in the India market with two machines for small furniture manufacturers. The semi-automatic, multi-spindle, single-head boring machine, Boring System 21 Prestige, is employed for horizontal and vertical drilling into wood-based panels and solid wood.

It is two times faster than a manual boring machine. Thanks to the 640-mm inter-axis and the large working table, you can process two panels having 316-mm width at the same time. You can also process 3000-mm-long sides in five working cycles.

The reference side fences, adjustable along a metric bar, with magnifying glass and nonius, always represent a precise reference point for the operator and guarantee the perfect parallelism of the drilling operations.

The quick-positioning, safety hold-down clamping units ensure the greatest stability and steadiness of the working piece during the working cycle and the highest accuracy of the drilling process.

The Boring System 323 Digit is a multi-head machine for horizontal and vertical drilling into wood-based panels; for the production of big-size pieces of furniture – the ideal solution for bookcase, book shelf and wardrobe manufacturers.

It performs all the drilling operations to build up a cabinet in just two working cycles: the two vertical boring heads drill the holes for the side panels, while the horizontal boring head makes the holes for the panel joints.

Quick and accurate positioning of the vertical boring heads is possible, thanks to a pneumatic locking system, digital read-out displays and micro-metric adjustment devices. Boring depth and height adjustment of the horizontal head is also easy through the ‘Spyral’ system and the numeric counters.

It has quick-adjustable, pneumatic, safety clamps, swivelling from 0° to 90°, ensure the perfect panel hold-down, which results in always accurate drilling operations.

Maggi Technology is represented in India by Bengaluru-based Jovas Tech Solutions. For more information, write to



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