IPCO’s new belt repair tool to maximize board quality

Belt damage is an unavoidable challenge in wood-based panel (WBP) manufacturing, often leading to costly down time and potential quality issues in board production.

To address this issue, IPCO, one of the world’s leading press belt manufacturers, has announced the development of the QuickDisc Plus 500. This belt repair tool is designed to minimize down time and enhance board quality in the WBP manufacturing industry.

The QuickDisc Plus 500 is a cutting, welding and grinding system that enables the repair of damaged areas up to 480 mm in diameter. Designed to be user-friendly, it gives technicians the ability to complete repairs with efficiency and precision.

The repair process begins with an automatic carbide cutting tool that removes the damaged belt section, and enables the production of a replacement disc from the spare belt material supplied by IPCO with each press belt order.

It is equipped with a track-welding unit that facilitates accurate, semi-automatic replacement of the disc. Once welded into place, the weld is seamlessly ground down using the QuickSander tool attachment.

This semi-automated approach is carried out with a high degree of precision, eliminating the need for additional treatments like edge grinding.

A consistent belt thickness across the weld ensures the continuation of high-quality board production even after damage. This advanced belt repair tool will be particularly beneficial for producers of thin boards, where the impact of belt repairs can be more noticeable.



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