Compact drilling on nesting machines

Panel materials made of wood, particleboard and MDF can be optimally formatted in nesting machines. In the so-called nesting process, panel sizes are separated in a space-saving manner, minimising material consumption and reducing production time.

After formatting the work pieces, additional processing methods are possible. Nesting machines can perform complex machining operations such as drilling, milling, recessing and other cutting operations using various tools.

In flat-bed machine tables, horizontal machining is a challenge. The use of an angle aggregate expands the functionality and versatility of CNC machining.

An angle drilling aggregate specially developed for nesting machines is the mono low-level function line from the German producer, Atemag (Aggregate Technologie und Manufaktur AG).

The compact angle head enables precise drilling of dowel holes in edges, even for work pieces with low heights. The aggregate can

precisely drill holes with 6-mm and 8-mm diameters for panel thicknesses from 16mm and reduces the need for manual labour. This, in turn, significantly optimises production processes.  For more information, write to



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