Top-end tenoner, mortiser from Woodtech

The CNCT-224 is a comprehensive CNC tenoner machine, which can make different types of tenons, thus allowing the customer to select the best one suitable for their requirement.

The machine has the capability to process different types of tenons at the two ends at the same time, or just process one end separately. With its modular parametric design interface, no programing is required and it is easy and fast to operate.


The NCM-3724 mortiser has wonderful system that is stable and reliable and 10,000 groups of memory of processing data can be saved on it. This machine is provided with two program guidance, tool-adjusting bar and main spindle.

The modular programming feature is suitable for processing more types of mortises and grooves. The machine also has multiple heads, high speed milling, double station processing, alternating processing, and continuous production.

Other features include display drawing on the screen, alarm recording and abnormal information display.





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