Two new topcoats from Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams has introduced two innovative coating solutions for the wood-based furniture industry. The new SM4042 is an acrylic-polyurethane solvent-based topcoat with uniform matte 5 gloss at all angles, excellent aesthetic characteristics in terms of smoothness to the touch and high wetting capability.

This clear topcoat has been developed to exalt the pores and to ensure a very good anti-scratch effect. In terms of physical performance, this topcoat ensures excellent heat (rank 5/5 according to UNI EN 12721 and 12722) and chemical resistance mainly to coffee, alcohol, acetone and ammonia (ranking 5/5 according to CEN/TS 16209).

It is also protected against the yellowing effect from UV rays. It comes recommended for application on acrylic basecoats, but it can be also used as self-sealer, overcoating itself on two layers.

The ‘Velvet Shield’ is the SM4003, an innovative high-performance super-matt topcoat. Its formulation ensures modern super-matt surfaces, soft touch feel, high resistance and an anti-fingerprint effect.

Applicable by spray in a single coat on solvent basecoats or directly on melamine paper, SM4003 is compatible with the company’s Tintometric system, ensuring ease of use and outstanding hiding power.

Durability of the surface is guaranteed by its repairability properties, which allow  easy removal scratches with the simple use of alcohol or ethanol.

SM4003 broadens Sherwin-Williams’ offer of premium quality matt products representing an excellent alternative to technologies such as excimer or plastic foil, with respect to which its use is more productive and flexible.

It can be easily applied and cured as a standard SB product to many types of surfaces, even in three dimensions.



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