FR doors takes safety to the next level

Fire is a threat to any type of property, be it commercial, residential or industrial. Apart from standard fire detection equipment, such as fire alarms and smoke detectors, fire-rated doors are also highly recommended.

A wooden fire-rated door will help protect the premises and ensure that fire doesn’t spread. It is specifically designed to withstand raging fires for a stipulated time frame. These doors can prevent the spread of fire to nearby unaffected areas and give enough time for the emergency services to put out the fire.

Anisha Arjun Hardasani Doors (AAH Doors) manufactures wooden fire-rated doors that conform to IS-3614 (Part II) and BS-476 (Part 20-22). These doors give the consumers the advantage of a hi-tech product offering, and aesthetics to match in comparison to metal doors, which are limited to certain appearances.

The doors range from 60-minute to 120-minute fire rating and are insulated with mineral wool, which helps the door maintain ambient temperature on the non-fire side of the door.

The doors have intumescent seals on all sides. In the eventuality of fire, as the temperature begins to rise, these seals expand and act as a barrier, preventing the egress of smoke and harmful hazardous toxic fumes in the air.

This helps prevent loss of life as these fumes are highly inflammable and life-threatening in a raging fire.

AAH wooden fire-rated doors have a finishing surface with over 2,000 shades of laminates, or veneer, or fire-rated paint which gives the consumer far more choices and colour selections over metal doors.

There is no skin peeling or corrosion in these doors, which is often seen as a concern in metal fire-rated doors. The company also provide fire-rated hardware and installation services to its clients.

Other than their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, fire-rated doors are tested for their resistance threshold. These doors help block or delay the spread of heat, smoke and flames through hallways, stairwells and other sections of the building.

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