Ruei beam saws bridge quality divide

Beam saws are one of the most effective methods of precise panel cutting and are used to cut are typically used to construct everything from the frameworks of buildings to kitchen cabinets.

The automatic beam saws from Ruei Industries have a large blade used to cut different sized logs into beams. Often using circular blades which are available in a variety of different styles, beam saws are useful for a range of different jobs.

They are the most effective method of precise panel cutting with modern software that allows the saw to gain maximum yields from the materials. With intelligent handling and precision cutting, these machines make effortless work of large volume panel sizing.

A moving carriage saw and a powerful pressure beam hold the material in place. There is a rear fence which holds and moves the material to the position which is controlled by computers. This allows both physical and technical aspects to work together to produce great products and lasting results.

The saw carriage of the beam saw produces high feed rates with large horsepower motors. This allows a scoring saw which is incorporated into the design to cut laminated and veneered materials.

Ruei Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of edge banding machines, multiple boring machines, hot and cold presses, and membrane presses. Its woodworking machines are of high quality backed by the assurance for quality, guarantee and reliable after-sales service. 




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