Customised shelving from Hettich

Hettich Cube-Plus shelving system is a new one-stop solution which is both versatile in functionality and aesthetics, and allows you to create customised statement furniture with a contemporary upgrade.

It is an advanced shelving system that enables one to create infinite design possibilities for different spaces. When installed on a wall, it does not look any less than a modern piece of art.

Cube-Plus is flexible, modern and ready to assemble. It offers unmatched design versatility, a discreet integration into already existing furniture elements in any space, adding a simple and efficient design dialogue.

It is rust-free ensuring the same artistic look for long. Whether long or short, wide or narrow, open or closed, on the wall or on the floor, almost every piece of furniture will be feasible and ready to assemble.

The shelving system finds utility in every living space:

•        Living room: Showcase for collectibles, crafts, study tables

•        Kitchens: dish organiser, store for spice bottles

•        Bedroom: Book shelf, night lamp stand, combination shelf with dressing table to store cosmetics

•        Restroom: organise and store bathing accessories, detergents and toilet accessories.

It is available is six different modules to suit the needs for different spaces and individual tastes. For details visit:



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