Blum trends with handle-less fronts

Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum offers a wide range of hinges, pull-out and lift systems that come in various models to give the right fitting for almost every application.

The solutions can be combined with different motion technologies – for example with a mechanical or electric support system (depending on the degree of convenience desired) so that handle-less fronts open at a single touch with Blum’s tried and tested soft-close Blumotion.

Blum’s innovative furniture fittings enable customisation of lift systems, doors and pull-outs to meet specific needs, enhancing user convenience in all three applications: in kitchens and throughout the home. Its motion technologies make it simple to develop handle-less applications.

Handle-less furniture is a popular trend that adds a touch of luxury and comfort to designs. Most handle-less furniture opens with a simple push and closes with the lightest touch and no force.

In addition, handle-less furniture results in cleaner drawer fronts, giving it a more modern and appealing appearance. Four motion technologies for lift systems, doors and pull-outs open up infinite possibilities for handle-less furniture.

The furniture can be combined with Tip-On mechanical opening support system. Tip-On Blumotion combines the mechanical opening support system with tried and tested soft-close Blumotion, Servo-Drive, and electric motion support system.

This opens up an endless array of design possibilities for handle-less furniture. Ergonomics and convenience are all enhanced by motion technologies.



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