Maximising WBP quality through service

The specifications of a steel press belt – its thickness deviation, flatness and straightness – have an obvious and direct impact on the quality of boards that emerge from the press, from the day the belt is installed all the way through to end of its life.

Swedish belt manufacturer IPCO employs a combination of high quality raw materials, precision manufacturing technologies and stringent quality checks to ensure that every press belt that leaves its factory is ready to produce board material of the highest quality.

But production is only the first part of the company’s service. Belt damage is an unavoidable fact of life in the WBP (wood-based panel) environment, and repairs have to be both quick and effective in order to minimise costly downtime and ensure that board quality is maintained.

To ensure that this is the case, IPCO has invested heavily in a service infrastructure that combines the on-the-ground expertise and market understanding of a locally-based team with the dedicated skills and expertise of the company’s press belt experts.

The company’s Southeast Asia sales and service office is based in Pune and is geared up to deliver a rapid response to all service requirements. Fully trained and equipped with specialised service and repair tools, IPCO’s service teams carry out installations, belt checks and repair work for WBP manufacturers throughout India and beyond.

For issues where more specialised expertise is required, IPCO India can call upon the support of a global service team, IPCO’s Press Priority Team, a group of trouble-shooting press belt experts who can be assigned to support customers anywhere in the world at short notice.

Any deterioration in product quality – or worse, unplanned press downtime – can be extremely costly, so a growing number of IPCO’s customers are choosing to take advantage of preventative maintenance agreements.

This means that an IPCO engineer will visit at predetermined intervals to undertake a detailed, in-operation inspection of the press belt covering everything from joints, edges and surfaces to the condition of sheaves, rollers, sensors and tracking systems.

The agreements can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs and can also take in standstill checks and flatness assurance assessments.

If any issues are identified, the necessary remedial steps can be taken. For example, if belt flatness is a cause for concern, IPCO can rectify this using the Shotpeener Pro tool, a portable device that is used to remove deformations caused by the stresses placed on the belt in high-speed thin-board production.

The Shotpeener Pro is just one of a number of high performance tools available to IPCO’s service teams, all designed to carry out installation, maintenance and repairs to the highest possible standard.



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