Show-stoppers from Woodtech

Rapid Drill-612KH

This  NC boring  centre is  a  new  generation high speed  boring centre, having  a higher  motor capacity of  5.5 kW on the top side and having a higher  gripper speed of  140m/Min.  This is the highest in this segment. 

The machine is versatile and can drill the panels on all six sides.  In addition, it can also do drilling on mirroring effects that means, when we place two panels together, it can drill on both panels simultaneously. 

This machine has got a barcode scanner which can scan bar code labels to quickly pick program and this machine can work with different kinds of cabinet software. Also, the machine can be connected with other software.  It has got an air floating table in the front to avoid scratches on the panel.

Salient features

•        Machine scans label to recognise working file, efficiency and intelligence

•        Operating by PC, drawing by CAD, input by CAM, can directly input DXF/MPR/XML working format  with easy operation

•        With double gripper and long guide rail, gripper speed up to 140m/min, auto-detect hole-position to avoid gripper exchange time. Gripper trip up to 5 meter, big board can  work  by one time catch, reduces cabinet side board drilling time

•        Air floating table and press panel forms air layer at top and bottom of board during working, improving panel feeding speed and avoiding scratches

•        Press and drilling at same time, ensure drilling precision and efficiency; special drill package position avoids scratches on the panel

•        Working model is front-in front-out mode and front in ,back-out mode

•        Upper drill pack:12V+8H, Bottom drill pack:9V   


Rapid Edge 706

This is a fully automatic and flexible edge bander featuring “miniaturisation” equipment. It comes equipped with complete functions that include pre-milling, up gluing, servo-control pressing, pneumatic end-cutting,  servo control trimming, 1mm 2mm switch tracking, servo control scraping, flat scraping and buffing and delivers excellent performance.

Salient features

•        The length of machine is only 5.8 metres, effectively saving space.

•        Equipped with servo auto adjustment band craft, banding efficiency is improved greatly.

•        Reserved PUR terminal, more flexible.

•        High-quality banding and intelligent processing to meet customer’s needs.

•        Servo adjustment banding craft: It has different auto adjustment units, reducing testing time to improve banding effect.

•        Auto switch cutter tools: one-click change craft, intelligent efficiency.

•        European Union CE Line Connection Standard: equipment circuit is strictly designed according to CE standard. It’s safer to use.

•        Dual station auto switch of tracking units: Auto change according to the panel thickness, double-station edge bands can be alternative.

•        PC control: touch screen computer, HMI control, clear-figure display, easy operating.

•        Fault information can intuitively reflect the fault and troubleshooting through image and text display.

•        Heating lamp unit–Starting heating when panel arrives to position, reducing consumption and production cost, improving edge banding effect.

•        Flat scraper to remove excessive glue and improve edging quality.

•        Pre milling mechanism, large diameter diamond cutter, total power 20.73kW

•        Maximum pre milling height 60mm, milling surface ripple and expansion material, edge bander effect is better. Milling surface size≥120mm upper gluing system: Rapidly melt glue with 15 min, can switch quickly light & dark colour glue and glue box.

•        Pre-melting: quickly pre-melt glue, ensure glue application (can store 5 kg glue) including auto glue adding unit, PUR available.

•        Polishing unit– using cotton polishing wheel to clean panel enable it to be more smooth and clean.




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